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Gemma Fabregat Monfort

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Gemma Fabregat Monfort is a Professor of Labour and Social Security Law at the University of Valencia, where she graduated with an Honours Degree in Law (1997), and also gained a PhD in Law, for which she was equally awarded High Honours (2001). Her doctoral thesis on functional mobility was also conferred the award for best PhD dissertation on social and labour matters by the CES (Economic and Social Committee) of the Valencian Community.

She is the President of the Tripartite Council for the Development of Employment Relations and Collective Bargaining of the Valencian Community, and a member of the Valencia Bar Association.

She was the first woman to preside over the Electoral Board of the University of Valencia, which was established over five centuries ago. An elected member of its faculty, she previously held the role of Secretary of the Law School and Vice Dean of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure and Sustainability for eight years.

She has taken part as a speaker in more than a hundred scientific seminars and congresses, and has also acted as a specialist advisor for, among others, the reform of Valencian Public Law from a gender perspective and the negotiation of an Equality Plan for employees of the Valencian regional government (Generalitat Valenciana). She has also worked in partnership with numerous public institutions and administrations on issues related to her main lines of work, as well as an arbitrator in trade union elections and the Labour Arbitration Court of Valencia.

Gemma has authored, co-authored, coordinated and edited over a hundred scholarly works, such as monographs, articles in specialised journals, book chapters and practical treatises. Her main research lines include the principle of equality and the gender discrimination prohibition; harassment in employment relations; employers’ management power and ius variandi and workers’ fundamental rights; internal flexibility mechanisms and collective bargaining.

She was a visiting researcher at the Università degli Studi di Roma “Tor Vergata”, the Università degli Studi di Bologna, the Universidad Autónoma of Madrid, the Institute of Advanced Legal Studies in London, the University of Cambridge and the Università degli Studi di Milano.

She has supervised five doctoral theses and worked as Head Researcher for two R&D projects bidding for public funding and several research contracts. She is the director of two online courses — labour advisory services (25th edition) and equality plans (3rd edition) — and an in-class mediation course (7th edition), as well as a lecturer in numerous Masters and practical specialist courses. For 19 years, she was also a tutor and lecturer in Labour Law at the UNED’s associated college in Valencia, and a senior lecturer in the Department of Labour Law and Social Security at the Law School of the University of Valencia.

Gemma has worked as an External Evaluator for the Ministry of Science and Innovation and several specialised journals and publishers, where she has also been a member of their editorial and scientific boards. In 2012 she was presented with the Aequitas Award for her professional career by the Association of Employment Relations and Social Security Law Consultants of Valencia. In 2019 she was decorated as Honorary Member of the Professional Association of Tax Advisors of the Valencian Community.