Formación Sagardoy Abogados 

The purpose of the Sagardoy Business&Law School is to provide young professionals with first-rate practical training in the areas of law, management and human resources, within an innovative, humanist and ethical framework. Our law firm’s educational vocation has been present since its early days: in 2003 our then Chairman, Juan Antonio Sagardoy, established the Sagardoy Foundation; this was later developed into the Study Centre, which has now, in 2020, become the Sagardoy Business&Law School

Since then, we have conducted innumerable actions to achieve these goals, the outcomes of which have made us proud. Law and human resources professionals who have trained with us hold at present important positions both in private companies and as public officers.


Uncoming Programmes at the
Sagardoy Business&Law School

With the determined purpose of providing young professionals with first-rate training in the areas of law, management and human resources.