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Iván Gayarre

Curriculum vitae

Iván Gayarre Conde is a State Counsel and a Government Administration Services Inspector. He holds a Certificate of Advanced Studies in the PhD Programme on Company Law.

In the former stage of his professional career, he was Head of the Labour Department of the State Legal Counsel Office since its creation as a management body aimed at providing legal advice and representation and defence in court to the Government public sector.

In 2014, Iván joined our law firm as a Partner. His appointment sought to strengthen our expertise in providing advice on employment matters to Government Departments and Agencies. In addition to his work as an Associate Professor of Labour and Social Security Law, Iván is Co-Director of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Law Forum of the FIDE Foundation.

He is a regular speaker at the training programmes held by the Sagardoy Study Centre, and is also the author of several informative articles on the subject of employment and labour law.

Phone: +34 915 482 692

Office: Madrid

Languages: Spanish, English