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Ana María Pérez Castillo

Curriculum vitae

Ana María Perez has been a member of the Madrid Bar Association since 2004.

She graduated from CEU San Pablo University in Madrid with a Degree in Law. After a period of professional practice in a construction company, she decided to specialise in employment and labour law, which led her to enrol in the first edition of the Master’s in International Legal Practice of Employment and Labour Law at the Sagardoy Foundation.

After completing her Master’s, she joined the Sagardoy Foundation as Programme Coordinator, a job that she combined with client management duties at Sagardoy Abogados.

At present, she holds the positions of Institutional Relations Director at Sagardoy Abogados and Manager of the Sagardoy Study Centre.

Ana María has extensive teaching experience: she was an Associate Professor of Employment and Labour Law at the Complutense University of Madrid, and a contributor to the Master’s in Legal Practice of Employment and Labour Law at the University of Navarra.

Phone: +34 915 429 040

Office: Madrid

Languages: Spanish, English